White Ranch Angus

WR EXTra Legendary TB08

OCC Legend 616L   X   EXT
Reg: AAA 16180571
TB08 30 days after running with cows.
WR EXTra Legendary TB08 is a low birth weight, moderate framed, deep bodied, heavy muscled, easy fleshing, gentle Angus bull that works for both grass-fed beef, Angus, and club calf producers. His high dollar energy value of 21.98 (top 5 percent) makes him the right choice for grass-fed beef operations. He stays in great condition, whether in winter on hay only or out with cows. TB08 steers have reached Choice or better at 19 months on GRASS! His maternal traits, combined with his genetic ability to produce hairy calves, make him the obvious choice for club calf producers. Use him on heifers or cows as an out-cross to high terminal genetics. His calves are impressing cattlemen because they are thick, easy-fleshing, moderate, attractive,
so gentle, and just plain good! 

Hoffman A.I. Breeders in Utah collected him and are now using him in Doug's A.I. Service. 
His semen is available through SEK Genetic Horizons @ 800-443-6389
and Hoffman Breeders Service @ 435-753-7883.

TB08  10/2011
First time on a halter in 4 years,
after washed and blown out.
TB08  10/2011
At 4 1/2 years of age -
 long strided and big footed.
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