White Ranch Angus


"I love this heifer - the way she moves, her front end.  She's balanced and complete, sound and functional"            -  Judge Mark Dorsey.  Alliance, NE
         Regarding WR Lacie, WR EXTra Legendary TB08 X New Frontier 095 heifer
"The quality of the grass-fed beef was really good.  The fat was beautiful - very white. The marbling was really, really good - as if they'd been on grain all their life. It looked great!"  -  Jerry's Custom Meats, Central Point, OR
     Regarding 100% grass fed steers sired by WR EXTra Legendary TB08 and out of White Ranch cows.

"I really like this bull.  I like his size and really like his depth of body.  He's really athletic and sound, especially for as much substance as he has.  It's crazy how fat he is on grass hay."      - Kirk Stierwalt.  Leedey, OK
             Regarding WR EXTra Legendary TBO8, OCC Legend X EXT

"The bull I bought is really quiet, easy to work with, but he's the head bull.  He isn't on good feed but he's fatter than fat. His calves were small at birth and then they grew like weeds. They're really nice and weaned 150-200#s heavier than the other calves. The bulls are more than reasonably priced, especially considering how good they are and how gentle. I love this bull." - Zach Dauenhauer, Ashland, OR
Regarding bull purchased as a yearling, comments made during return visit to purchase females.

"White Ranch Angus Bulls have been an integral part of our cow/calf  
program. In the 2011 Western Video Market Sale in Reno, NV, our  
grouped calves sold in the top 10% of their weight category. Earlier  
calf weaning weights, high libido, combined with exceptional  
temperament has kept White Ranch Angus Bulls as the primary resource  
for our herd."

Bob and Judy Lozano
JRL Ranch, Butte Falls, OR

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